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Vampire Academy Chapter 15

FIFTEEN MASON DELIVERED. He found me the next day before school. He was carrying a box of books. â€Å"I got them,† he said. â€Å"Hurry and take them before you get in trouble for talking to me.† He handed them over, and I grunted. They were heavy. â€Å"Christian gave you these?† â€Å"Yeah. Managed to talk to him without anyone noticing. He's got kind of an attitude, did you ever notice that?† â€Å"Yeah, I noticed.† I rewarded Mason with a smile that he ate up. â€Å"Thanks. This means a lot.† I hauled the loot up to my room, fully aware of how weird it was that someone who hated to study as much as I did was about to get buried in dusty crap from the fourteenth century. When I opened the first book, though, I saw that these must be reprints of reprints of reprints, probably because anything that old would have long since fallen apart. Sifting through the books, I discovered they fell into three categories: books written by people after St. Vladimir had died, books written by other people when he was still alive, and one diary of sorts written by him. What had Mason said about primary and secondary sources? Those last two groups were the ones I wanted. Whoever had reprinted these had reworded the books enough so that I didn't have to read Ye Olde English or anything. Or rather, Russian, I supposed. St. Vladimir had lived in the old country. Today I healed the mother of Sava who has long since suffered from sharp pains within her stomach. Her malady is now gone, but God has not allowed me to do such a thing lightly. I am weak and dizzy, and the madness is trying to leak into my head. I thank God every day for shadow-kissed Anna, for without her, I would surely not be able to endure. Anna again. And â€Å"shadow-kissed.† He talked about her a lot, among other things. Most of the time he wrote long sermons, just like what I'd hear in church. Super boring. But other times, the book read just like a diary, recapping what he did each day. And if it really wasn't just a load of crap, he healed all the time. Sick people. Injured people. Even plants. He brought dead crops back to life when people were starving. Sometimes he would make flowers bloom just for the hell of it. Reading on, I found out that it was a good thing old Vlad had Anna around, because he was pretty messed up. The more he used his powers, the more they started to get to him. He'd get irrationally angry and sad. He blamed it on demons and stupid stuff like that, but it was obvious he suffered from depression. Once, he admitted in his diary, he tried to kill himself. Anna stopped him. Later, browsing through the book written by the guy who knew Vladimir, I read: And many think it miraculous too, the power the blessed Vladimir shows over others. Moroi and dhampirs flock to him and listen to his words, happy just to be near him. Some say it is madness that touches him and not spirit, but most adore him and would do anything he asked. Such is the way God marks his favorites, and if such moments are followed by hallucinations and despair, it is a small sacrifice for the amount of good and leadership he can show among the people. It sounded a lot like what the priest had said, but I sensed more than just a â€Å"winning personality† People adored him, would do anything he asked. Yes, Vladimir had used compulsion on his followers, I was certain. A lot of Moroi had in those days, before it was banned, but they didn't use it on Moroi or dhampirs. They couldn't. Only Lissa could. I shut the book and leaned back against my bed. Vladimir healed plants and animals. He could use compulsion on a massive scale. And by all accounts, using those sorts of powers had made him crazy and depressed. Added into it all, making it that much weirder was that everyone kept describing his guardian as â€Å"shadow-kissed.† That expression had bugged me ever since I first heard it†¦ â€Å"You're shadow-kissed! You have to take care of her!† Ms. Karp had shouted those words at me, her hands clenching my shirt and jerking me toward her. It had happened on a night two years ago when I'd been inside the main part of the upper school to return a book. It was nearly past curfew, and the halls were empty. I'd heard a loud commotion, and then Ms. Karp had come tearing around the corner, looking frantic and wild-eyed. She shoved me into a wall, still gripping me. â€Å"Do you understand?† I knew enough self-defense that I could have probably pushed her away, but my shock kept me frozen. â€Å"No.† â€Å"They're coming for me. They'll come for her.† â€Å"Who?† â€Å"Lissa. You have to protect her. The more she uses it, the worse it'll get. Stop her, Rose. Stop her before they notice, before they notice and take her away too. Get her out of here.† â€Å"I†¦what do you mean? Get her out of†¦you mean the Academy?† â€Å"Yes! You have to leave. You're bound. It's up to you. Take her away from this place.† Her words were crazy. No one left the Academy. Yet as she held me there and stared into my eyes, I began to feel strange. A fuzzy feeling clouded my mind. What she said suddenly sounded very reasonable, like the most reasonable thing in the world. Yes. I needed to take Lissa away, take her – Feet pounded in the hallway, and a group of guardians rounded the corner. I didn't recognize them; they weren't from the school. They pried her off of me, restraining her wild thrashing. Someone asked me if I was okay, but I could only keep staring at Ms. Karp. â€Å"Don't let her use the power!† she screamed. â€Å"Save her. Save her from herself!† The guardians had later explained to me that she wasn't well and had been taken to a place where she could recover. She would be safe and cared for, they assured me. She would recover. Only she hadn't. Back in the present, I stared at the books and tried to put it all together. Lissa. Ms. Karp. St. Vladimir. What was I supposed to do? Someone rapped at my door, and I jerked out of my memories. No one had visited me, not even staff, since my suspension. When I opened the door, I saw Mason in the hall. â€Å"Twice in one day?† I asked. â€Å"And how'd you even get up here?† He flashed his easy smile. â€Å"Someone put a lit match in one of the bathroom's garbage cans. Damn shame. The staff's kind of busy. Come on, I'm springing you.† I shook my head. Setting fires was apparently a new sign of affection. Christian had done it and now Mason. â€Å"Sorry, no saving me tonight. If I get caught – â€Å" â€Å"Lissa's orders.† I shut up and let him smuggle me out of the building. He took me over to the Moroi dorm and miraculously got me in and up to her room unseen. I wondered if there was a distracting bathroom fire in this building too. Inside her room, I found a party in full swing. Lissa, Camille, Carly, Aaron, and a few other royals sat around laughing, listening to loud music, and passing around bottles of whiskey. No Mia, no Jesse. Natalie, I noticed a few moments later, sat apart from the group, clearly unsure how to act around all of them. Her awkwardness was totally obvious. Lissa stumbled to her feet, the fuzzy feelings in our bond indicating she'd been drinking for a while. â€Å"Rose!† She turned to Mason with a dazzling smile. â€Å"You delivered.† He swept her an over-the-top bow. â€Å"I'm at your command.† I hoped he'd done it for the thrill of it and not because of any compulsion. Lissa slung an arm around my waist and pulled me down with the others. â€Å"Join the festivities.† â€Å"What are we celebrating?† â€Å"I don't know. Your escape tonight?† A few of the others held up plastic cups, cheering and toasting me. Xander Badica poured two more cups, handing them to Mason and me. I took mine with a smile, all the while feeling uneasy about the night's turn of events. Not so long ago, I would have welcomed a party like this and would have downed my drink in thirty seconds. Too much bothered me this time, though. Like the fact that the royals were treating Lissa like a goddess. Like how none of them seemed to remember that I had been accused of being a blood whore. Like how Lissa was completely unhappy despite her smiles and laughter. â€Å"Where'd you get the whiskey?† I asked. â€Å"Mr. Nagy,† Aaron said. He sat very close to Lissa. Everyone knew Mr. Nagy drank all the time after school and kept a stash on campus. He continually used new hiding places – and students continually found them. Lissa leaned against Aaron's shoulder. â€Å"Aaron helped me break into his room and take them. He had them hidden in the bottom of the paint closet.† The others laughed, and Aaron gazed at her with complete and utter worship. Amusingly, I realized she hadn't had to use any compulsion on him. He was just that crazy for her. He always had been. â€Å"Why aren't you drinking?† Mason asked me a little while later, speaking quietly into my ear. I glanced down at my cup, half surprised to see it full. â€Å"I don't know. I guess I don't think guardians should drink around their charges.† â€Å"She's not your charge yet! You aren't on duty. You won't be for a long time. Since when did you get so responsible?† I didn't really think I was all that responsible. But I was thinking about what Dimitri had said about balancing fun and obligation. It just seemed wrong to let myself go wild when Lissa was in such a vulnerable state lately. Wiggling out of my tight spot between her and Mason, I walked over and sat beside Natalie. â€Å"Hey Nat, you're quiet tonight.† She held a cup as full as mine. â€Å"So are you.† I laughed softly. â€Å"I guess so.† She tilted her head, watching Mason and the royals like they were some sort of science experiment. They'd consumed a lot more whiskey since I'd arrived, and the silliness had shot up considerably. â€Å"Weird, huh? You used to be the center of attention. Now she is.† I blinked in surprise. I hadn't considered it like that. â€Å"I guess so.† â€Å"Hey, Rose,† said Xander, nearly spilling his drink as he walked over to me. â€Å"What was it like?† â€Å"What was what like?† â€Å"Letting someone feed off you?† The others fell quiet, a sort of anticipation settling over them. â€Å"She didn't do that,† said Lissa in a warning voice. â€Å"I told you.† â€Å"Yeah, yeah, I know nothing happened with Jesse and Ralf. But you guys did it, right? While you were gone?† â€Å"Let it go,† said Lissa. Compulsion worked best with direct eye contact, and his attention was focused on me, not her. â€Å"I mean, it's cool and everything. You guys did what you had to do, right? It's not like you're a feeder. I just want to know what it was like. Danielle Szelsky let me bite her once. She said it didn't feel like anything.† There was a collective â€Å"ew† from among the girls. Sex and blood with dhampirs was dirty; between Moroi, it was cannibalistic. â€Å"You are such a liar,† said Camille. â€Å"No, I'm serious. It was just a small bite. She didn't get high like the feeders. Did you?† He put his free arm around my shoulder. â€Å"Did you like it?† Lissa's face went still and pale. Alcohol muted the full force of her feelings, but I could read enough to know how she felt. Dark, scared thoughts trickled into me – underscored with anger. She usually had a good grip on her temper – unlike me – but I'd seen it flare up before. Once it had happened at a party very similar to this one, just a few weeks after Ms. Karp had been taken away. Greg Dashkov – a distant cousin of Natalie's – had held the party in his room. His parents apparently knew someone who knew someone, because he had one of the biggest rooms in the dorm. He'd been friends with Lissa's brother before the accident and had been more than happy to take Andre's little sister into his social fold. Greg had also been happy to take me in, and the two of us had been all over each other that night. For a sophomore like me, being with a royal Moroi senior was a huge rush. I drank a lot that night but still managed to keep an eye on Lissa. She always wore an edge of anxiety around this many people, but no one really noticed, because she could interact with them so well. My heavy buzz kept a lot of her feelings from me, but as long as she looked okay, I didn't worry. Mid-kiss, Greg suddenly broke away and looked at something over my shoulder. We both sat in the same chair, with me on his lap, and I craned my neck to see. â€Å"What is it?† He shook his head with a sort of amused exasperation. â€Å"Wade brought a feeder.† I followed his gaze to where Wade Voda stood with his arm around a frail girl about my age. She was human and pretty, with wavy blond hair and porcelain skin pale from so much blood loss. A few other guys had homed on her and stood with Wade, laughing and touching her face and hair. â€Å"She's already fed too much today,† I said, observing her coloring and complete look of confusion. Greg slid his hand behind my neck and turned me back to him. â€Å"They won't hurt her.† We kissed a while longer and then I felt a tap on my shoulder. â€Å"Rose.† I looked up into Lissa's face. Her anxious expression startled me because I couldn't feel the emotions behind it. Too much beer for me. I climbed off of Greg's lap. â€Å"Where are you going?† he asked. â€Å"Be right back.† I pulled Lissa aside, suddenly wishing I was sober. â€Å"What's wrong?† â€Å"Them.† She nodded toward the guys with the feeder girl. She still had a group around her, and when she shifted to look at one of them, I saw small red wounds scattered on her neck. They were doing a sort of group feeding, taking turns biting her and making gross suggestions. High and oblivious, she let them. â€Å"They can't do that,† Lissa told me. â€Å"She's a feeder. Nobody's going to stop them.† Lissa looked up at me with pleading eyes. Hurt, outrage, and anger filled them. â€Å"Will you?† I'd always been the aggressive one, looking after her ever since we were little. Seeing her there now, so upset and looking at me to fix things, was more than I could stand. Giving her a shaky nod, I stumbled over to the group. â€Å"You so desperate to get some that you've got to drug girls now, Wade?† I asked. He glanced up from where he'd been running his lips over the human girl's neck. â€Å"Why? Are you done with Greg and looking for more?† I put my hands on my hips and hoped I looked fierce. The truth was, I was actually starting to feel a little nauseous from all I'd drunk. â€Å"Aren't enough drugs in the world to get me near you,† I told him. A few of his friends laughed. â€Å"But maybe you can go make out with that lamp over there. It seems to be out of it enough to make even you happy. You don't need her anymore.† A few other people laughed. â€Å"This isn't any of your business,† he hissed. â€Å"She's just lunch.† Referring to feeders as meals was about the only thing worse than calling dhampirs blood whores. â€Å"This isn't a feeding room. Nobody wants to see this.† â€Å"Yeah,† agreed a senior girl. â€Å"It's gross.† A few of her friends agreed. Wade glared at all of us, me the hardest. â€Å"Fine. None of you have to see it. Come on.† He grabbed the feeder girl's arm and jerked her away. Clumsily, she stumbled along with him out of the room, making soft whimpering noises. â€Å"Best I could do,† I told Lissa. She stared at me, shocked. â€Å"He's just going to take her to his room. He'll do even worse things to her.† â€Å"Liss, I don't like it either, but it's not like I can go chase him down or anything.† I rubbed my forehead. â€Å"I could go punch him or something, but I feel like I'm going to throw up as it is.† Her face grew dark, and she bit her lip. â€Å"He can't do that.† â€Å"I'm sorry.† I returned to the chair with Greg, feeling a little bad about what had happened. I didn't want to see the feeder get taken advantage of anymore than Lissa did – it reminded me too much of what a lot of Moroi guys thought they cold do to dhampir girls. But I also couldn't win this battle, not tonight. Greg had shifted me around to get a better angle on my neck when I noticed Lissa was gone a few minutes later. Practically falling, I clambered off his lap and looked around. â€Å"Where's Lissa?† He reached for me. â€Å"Probably the bathroom.† I couldn't feel a thing through the bond. The alcohol had numbed it. Stepping out into the hallway, I breathed a sigh of relief at escaping the loud music and voices. It was quiet out here – except for a crashing sound a couple rooms down. The door was ajar, and I pushed my way inside. The feeder girl cowered in a corner, terrified. Lissa stood with arms crossed, her face angry and terrible. She was staring at Wade intently, and he stared back, enchanted. He also held a baseball bat, and it looked like he'd used it already, because the room was trashed: bookshelves, the stereo, the mirror†¦ â€Å"Break the window too,† Lissa told him smoothly. â€Å"Come on. It doesn't matter.† Hypnotized, he walked over to the large, tinted window. I stared, my mouth nearly hitting the floor, as he pulled back and slammed the bat into the glass. It shattered, sending shards everywhere and letting in the early morning light it normally kept blocked out. He winced as it shone in his eyes, but he didn't move away. â€Å"Lissa,† I exclaimed. â€Å"Stop it. Make him stop.† â€Å"He should have stopped earlier.† I barely recognized the look on her face. I'd never seen her so upset, and I'd certainly never seen her do anything like this. I knew what it was, of course. I knew right away. Compulsion. For all I knew, she was seconds away from having him turn the bat on himself. â€Å"Please, Lissa. Don't do it anymore. Please.† Through the fuzzy, alcoholic buzz, I felt a trickle of her emotions. They were strong enough to practically knock me over. Black. Angry. Merciless. Startling feelings to be coming from sweet and steady Lissa. I'd known her since kindergarten, but in that moment, I barely knew her. And I was afraid. â€Å"Please, Lissa,† I repeated. â€Å"He's not worth it. Let him go.† She didn't look at me. Her stormy eyes were focused entirely on Wade. Slowly carefully, he lifted up the bat, tilting it so that it lined up with his own skull. â€Å"Liss,† I begged. Oh God. I was going to have to tackle her or something to make her stop. â€Å"Don't do it.† â€Å"He should have stopped,† Lissa said evenly. The bat quit moving. It was now at exactly the right distance to gain momentum and strike. â€Å"He shouldn't have done that to her. People can't treat other people like that – even feeders.† â€Å"But you're scaring her,† I said softly. â€Å"Look at her.† Nothing happened at first, then Lissa let her gaze flick toward the feeder. The human girl still sat huddled in a corner, arms wrapped around herself protectively. Her blue eyes were enormous, and light reflected off her wet, tear-streaked face. She gave a choked, terrified sob. Lissa's face stayed impassive. Inside her, I could feel the battle she was waging for control. Some part of her didn't want to hurt Wade, despite the blinding anger that otherwise filled her. Her face crumpled, and she squeezed her eyes shut. Her right hand reached out to her left wrist and clenched it, nails digging deep into the flesh. She flinched at the pain, but through the bond, I felt the shock of the pain distract her from Wade. She let go of the compulsion, and he dropped the bat, suddenly looking confused. I let go of the breath I'd been holding. In the hallway, footsteps sounded. I'd left the door open, and the crash had attracted attention. A couple of dorm staff members burst into the room, freezing when they saw the destruction in front of them. â€Å"What happened?† The rest of us looked at each other. Wade looked completely lost. He stared at the room, at the bat, and then at Lissa and me. â€Å"I don't know†¦I can't†¦Ã¢â‚¬  He turned his full attention to me and suddenly grew angry. â€Å"What the – it was you! You wouldn't let the feeder thing go.† The dorm workers looked at me questioningly, and in a few seconds, I made up my mind. You have to protect her. The more she uses it, the worse it'll get. Stop her, Rose. Stop her before they notice, before they notice and take her away too. Get her out of here. I could see Ms. Karp's face in my mind, pleading frantically. I gave Wade a haughty look, knowing full well no one would question a confession I made or even suspect Lissa. â€Å"Yeah, well, if you'd let her go,† I told him, â€Å"I wouldn't have had to do this.† Save her. Save her from herself. After that night, I never drank again. I refused to let my guard down around Lissa. And two days later, while I was supposed to be suspended for â€Å"destruction of property,† I took Lissa and broke out of the Academy. Back in Lissa's room, with Xander's arm around me and her angry and upset eyes on us, I didn't know if she'd do anything drastic again. But the situation reminded me too much of that one from two years ago, and I knew I had to defuse it. â€Å"Just a little blood,† Xander was saying. â€Å"I won't take much. I just want to see what dhampir tastes like. Nobody here cares.† â€Å"Xander,† growled Lissa, â€Å"leave her alone.† I slipped out from under his arm and smiled, looking for a funny retort rather than one that might start a fight. â€Å"Come on,† I teased. â€Å"I had to hit the last guy who asked me that, and you're a hell of a lot prettier than Jesse. It'd be a waste.† â€Å"Pretty?† he asked. â€Å"I'm stunningly sexy but not pretty.† Carly laughed. â€Å"No, you're pretty. Todd told me you buy some kind of French hair gel.† Xander, distracted as so many drunk people easily are, turned around to defend his honor, forgetting me. The tension disappeared, and he took the teasing about his hair with a good attitude. Across the room, Lissa met my eyes with relief. She smiled and gave me a small nod of thanks before she returned her attention to Aaron.

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Review Questions for Business Management Essay

1) What is resource overallocation? Resource leveling is the project management function of resolving project resource over-allocation. By definition over-allocation means that a resource has been assigned more work than can be accomplished in the available time as dictated by the resource’s calendar definition. In most scenarios, over-allocations can be remedied manually by extending tasks or moving them to accommodate the resource’s availability 2) What is resource leveling? When performing project planning activities, the manager will attempt to schedule certain tasks simultaneously. When more resources such as machines or people are needed than are available, or perhaps a specific person is needed in both tasks, the tasks will have to be rescheduled concurrently or even sequentially to manage the constraint. Project planning resource leveling is the process of resolving these conflicts. It can also be used to balance the workload of primary resources over the course of the project[s], usually at the expense of one of the traditional triple constraints (time, cost, scope). 3) Under what circumstances would you want to manually resolve conflicts? You can resolve resource conflicts or overallocations by using the resource-leveling feature in Microsoft Office Project. Leveling works by splitting tasks or by adding delay to tasks until the resources that are assigned to those tasks are no longer overloaded. Because of these changes to the tasks, leveling can delay the finish date of some tasks and consequently also the project’s finish date. When it is leveling, Project does not change who is assigned to each task 4) What would be the caution of adding more resources to a task to resolve resource conflicts? As you assign resources to tasks, Project checks the resource’s calendar to make sure that the resource is working. However, Project doesn’t assess whether the resource is already obligated when you assign the resource to a new task; Project enables you to make the assignment. Be aware, though, that the additional assignment may lead to overallocating the resource. Overallocation occurs when you assign more work to a resource than the resource can accomplish in the time that you’ve allotted for the work to be completed. 5) What would be the caution of rescheduling a task to resolve a resource conflict? To get the best performance and results from resources (resources: The people, equipment, and material that are used to complete tasks in a project.), you must manage resource workloads to avoid overallocations (overallocation: The result of assigning more tasks to a resource than the resource can accomplish in the working time available.) and underallocations (underallocation: Assigning a resource to work fewer hours than the resource has available.). If you change resource assignments (assignment: A specific resource that is assigned to a particular task.), check the effects of your changes on the overall schedule (schedule: The timing and sequence of tasks within a project. A schedule consists mainly of tasks, task dependencies, durations, constraints, and time-oriented project information.) to make sure that the results meet your project goals.

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23andMe Completion, Competitors and their Products Assignment

23andMe Completion, Competitors and their Products - Assignment Example The main competitors for the company include deCODEme genetics, Navigenics and pathways genomics. The deCODEme genetics is situated in Iceland and is used to identify various human genes that are associated with a variety of human genes that have been associated with various common diseases. It is known to have isolated a variety of genes known to be involved with schizophrenia, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Pathway Genomics is located in San Diego and is also privately held and it deals with personal genomics. It uses advanced technologies of genetic testing to come up with a personalized report regarding the career status of an individual, the response of medication, ancestral history and the probability of the development of a variety of complex diseases. The company then provides this report to the patient in the presence of a physician. Navigenics is also privately held and it also deals with personal genomics and is located in the Foster City in California. It makes u se of genetic testing to assist people in the identification of their individual risks for various health conditions facing them. 23andMe offers their saliva genome testing kit for only $99. The only thing that a client has to do is to spit into a tube and mail it to the company. The company then comes up with results for the client in question and uploads it online for the client to download using their personal details. This makes the company quite effective and time-saving as opposed to the competitors. For instance, deCODEme had announced the availability of online services by individuals sending a cheek swab for their details about the risk of diseases and their ancestry for $985. They had launched this service in 2007 and it had a relative advantage of offering a comprehensive genome scan and analysis online. However,  this online service was discontinued in 2007 giving 23andMe the relative advantage of continuing its online genome testing service in a more cost-effective manner.  

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Understanding falling incidents in older adults Essay

Understanding falling incidents in older adults - Essay Example This is a critical appraisal of two research papers which reflect studies in the problems of falling as issues for older adults. The two papers to be critically appraised are ‘Moving Forward in Fall Prevention: An Intervention to Improve Balance Among Older Adults in Real-World Settings’ (Robitaille et al. 2005) and ‘A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Multifactorial Falls Prevention Intervention for Older Fallers Presenting to Emergency Departments’ by Russell et al. (2010). These papers were chosen because they represent an aspect of my field of practice – working with older adults. The paper is divided into five sections: Part I: the Introduction; Part II: Methodology of Selection for the papers chosen for this study; Part III: Critical Summaries which outlines the purpose, structure and results of the studies; Part IV: Discussion of Findings which provides the results and the why of the results; and Part V: Personal Reflection which provides inform ation on how this paper and the studies relate to my field of practice.When mature adults move into the senior years, there are a number of functions that begin to slow down and one of these is the ability to recover from a stumble, or tripping over an object. Regaining one’s balance is harder because reaction time in physical recovery is slower (Sollitto 2013). Loss of muscle structure is also a key component which is obviously evident when older adults exercise less because they tire more often or may have some underlying illness. As vision deteriorates with age, perception of distance and depth may also cause problems, particularly when using bifocal or trifocal where looking quickly over the glass lens can change the focus of depth to something that it is not (Sollitto 2013). Falling down can also cause fractured or broken bones because older bones are more brittle. They also will not heal as easily, and it is important to provide nutritional information and appropriate m edical intervention to keep the elder adult healthy with quality of life (Sollitto 2013). Part II: Methodology of Selection The selection for determining the papers used in this research required that the studies had to have been done within the past decade, 2003-2013. This would provide more information that utilized the latest in research skills, study design and data analysis of the study results. Several medical websites such as COCHRANE, PubMed and other journal repositories, were used in the search process along with specific search terms in order to pull studies that reflected the subject matter of senior adults and falling issues. Internet Research, Search Terms and Papers Website Search Terms Used Papers Reviewed – Not Used COCHRANE Library ‘old people falling ratios,’ ‘research studies on falls by the elderly’ ‘Population-based interventions for the prevention of fall-related injuries in older people’, McClure et al. (2008). Pu bMed ‘falling down statistics in elderly’, ‘balance research in falls’ ‘Peculiarities of postural balance among elderly men with fear of falling syndrome’, Gerontol (2012). Amedeo - Medical Literature Guide ‘elderly falling ratios’, ‘balance problems in elderly’ ‘Reliability and validity of the Persian lower extremity functional scale

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Change On Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Change On Management - Research Paper Example The biggest challenge of every leading organization in the world is to manage and overcome the speed of change. This research paper will analyze and discuss about the optimum implementation of approach method to overcome and manage resistance to change. The change in every organization has become a vital and inevitable factor. The integral component of successful organization is adaptation to the change in the technology, new processes and eventually managing the change. Coca-Cola is one of the most popular and global leader in beverage industry. The competition of Coca-Cola Company is with PepsiCo. The market completion of Coca-Cola Company is both nationally and internationally. The resistance towards change in organization has become pivotal factor and main reason for failure of many organizations. A survey conducted states that employee resistance towards change in organization affected 60% of the reengineering projects. The change management implemented by Coca-Cola Company is to motivate the employees. Intrinsic values and motivational factor provided to employees is also known as the employee engagement. The focal point of Coca-Cola Company is to create brand relationship with every employee and bring efficiency in every sec tor. The area of improvement in Coca-Cola Company is done through the employee engagement surveys. The survey is done twice a year to know the implementation and actions required for the improvement in organization (Burke, 418). The implementation of employee engagement in Coca-Cola Company is to create more committed workforce, provides clear idea to the employees about the level of expectance and the performance of employees can be increased with the aligned of organization objectives. The aligned of company goals provided to any employee can help in waste elimination. Change management is also

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Criminology juvenile delinquent Assignment 1- chptr 3-6 Essay

Criminology juvenile delinquent Assignment 1- chptr 3-6 - Essay Example In the University of Shippenburg, they argued that children name explain some juvenile delinquencies in the majority of races. They concluded that children with unpopular name have correlated influence to juvenile delinquency. Children in lower social economic groups have a difficult life, which contribute to, the development of juvenile delinquency. The essay addresses the upbringing and the early life conditions of Ariel Gutieerrez. He had all the conditions that lead to juvenile delinquency. He was rejected by his parent at early ages and had to live in the streets of Los Angeles. He lacked basic formal education and parental supervision. Moreover, he engaged in substance abuse and in disorder conducts that characterize the street life. Ariel was born of an American father and a Mexican woman. His father got acquainted after a short period of knowing Catherine. Both have just finished high school, but had no means of joining college because they were from poor families. They soon bore a son and named him Ariel Gutieerrez. Ariel Gutieerrez was born while both his parent were living together in the outcast of Los Angeles, but after a brief union his father walked out of home leaving him and his mother to struggle for basic needs. Ariel father had no job and neither her mother nor their parents. They survived on casual jobs, and they could not adequately provide for the family. This might explain why Ariel father walked away of the family for failing to cater for their need. Soon as his father went out of the family, Ariel mother abandoned him and went on her ways. Ariel went to the street of Los Angeles and joined other street children. Life as a street children exposed him to all manners of survival including gang life, engaging in crime, molesting and drug abuse. He was doing drugs, and he lived in and out of jail for most of his childhood life. He lacked parental supervision and

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Consert report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Consert report - Essay Example 4 separate Concertos Spring: Allegro, largo, Allegro Summer: Allegro non molto, Allegro, Adagio, Presto Autumn: Allegro, Adagio non molto, Allegro Winter: Allegro non molto, Largo, Allegro They were short and the music showed as if we were listening to the different seasons. Summer and Spring had the storms. About one minute after the allegro, perhaps at the non molto, the storm started. It kept starting and stopping Mozart Piano Concerto NÂ ° 12 K 414 about 25 minutes. Each movement was much longer than the Vivaldi. It was strange the comparison. I thought the Concerto form had 4 movements. Allegro Adante Allegretto. It sounded as though Mozart was making fun of us at several momemts. Vivaldi is known as the red priest because of his flaming red hair. In paintings he was shown wearing a wig. His Four Seasons is a perfect example of programmed music. It was unheard of at the time. Beethoven would be the next person to use it in his Pastoral symphony. Vivaldi received his first music al training from his father but was initially ordained as a priest. He was dismissed from the priesthood after a year and was able to devote his life to music. In the 17th century it was part of any religious training to have complete musical training. The girls orphanage had over a thousand girls who were trained to become nuns. This provided Vivaldi with an abundance of talented girls to with whom he had access to a constant orchestra and girls who could play a multitude of instruments. Perhaps this is why he was such a prolific composer. He set the precedent of baroque concerto of three movements ABA or allegro andante allegro leading to the longer classical concerto. Bach admired his work but it was only in the 20th century that many scores were found hidden in Turin, Italy. The Four Seasons were published in 1725 but Vivaldi alluded that they had been written well before. They were four concerto out of 12 to be published for t his patron. He actually wrote over 500 concerti in all. The theory that Vivaldi wrote the sonnets which correspond to the concertos is only confirmed on the basis that each sonnet is divided into three parts explaining to the player how the music is to be interpreted. There are some who say they were written afterwards's/ProgramNotesJan11.pdf Mozart's Piano Concerto NÂ ° 12 K414 represents one of his first compositions after he moved to Vienna. Mozart's father was his most avid fan, his teacher and his friend. He was opposed to his moving from his secure post in Salzburg to Vienna and basically become a freelance musician. It was common for musicians and composers to travel from London, Paris and Vienna in the 18th century. This is why so many different styles and influences of difference composers were part of the classical scene. http// Of Western Music Groves. 2001 New York Norton. In the last years of his life, he wanted to write something different and wrote the Vienna Concertos. "In Writing his father in 1782, the

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Manufacturing, Raw Materials, and Geography Essay

Manufacturing, Raw Materials, and Geography - Essay Example The large geographical area also made it difficult for the colonists to stamp their influence since it required expertise and numerous resources. The proximity to numerous countries was a concept influenced manufacturing because of the large market base and investment opportunities in those nations (Lu, 2013). The country possesses natural resources such as Zinc and Coal among others that boosted its industrial productivity. The natural possessions affected decolonization and imperialism because it was not dependent on other countries. As a result, the colonists could not force their interests, in returns for the support extended, to the China (Lu, 2013). This is because China had the power to produce its own commodities and transport them to other regions, including the Western nations. In this regard, decolonization and imperialism were enhanced as the Western powers did not want to interfere with the supply of commodities from China for their industrial developments (Lu, 2013). This implies that China used its natural resources to support industries across the world with cheap raw materials and finished products. This influenced manufacturing in the region through the availability of raw materials to the local

Gut Motility Practical assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Gut Motility Practical assessment - Essay Example The stimuilation causes a reaction on the membrane. It becomes depolarized. Permeability to calcium ions is also increased. The calcium ions concentration in is increased as a result of the voltage gated calcium-ions channel. From the synaptic cleft ACh is released to fuse with the muscuranic receptors as a result. The Gs protein then activates PLC after phosphoinositides activation. Diacylglycerol and inositol-1,4,5-triphosphate are generated inducing phosphorylation and leading to the regulation of the calcium ion concentration, Burnstock (1972). This is the initialization of the ileum contraction. Diacylglycerol triggers protein kinase C, phosphorylating the target proteins leading to increased Ca+2 instigating contraction. 3. Explain the cellular mechanisms of action of morphine and atropine on field stimulated-induced contractions and how/why this is affected by naloxone, using the data collected from BOTH the field stimulated and the direct ACH-induced contraction of ileum As illustrated from the graphs, it is evident that morphine has no much variance with field stimulated contraction. Atropine however recorded a substantial effect on the ACh-induced contraction. Atropine at concentration levels of between 10-9 and 10−8 M antagonized the contractile response of the tissues causing relaxation of the ileum described by Brenda (1983). Morphine, through Gi-protein, restrains the formation of cAMP (Gracious, 2008). Ca+2 concentrations are increased. Endogenous ACh release is effected. However, for ACh-induced contractions, M3 receptors are exogenously occupied by ACh. This initiates the ileum contraction. This indicates that morphine has minimal effect on ACh action. It restricts about 0.35mm only. Naloxone does not exploit Muscarinic receptors. According to Gillan & Pollock (1980), it behaves like an opioid receptor antagonist. It has insignificant effect on ACh-induced contraction.

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Edit application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Edit application - Essay Example Just after I entered University, my problems began that affected my ability to concentrate on my studies resulting in the seven repeats. In 2010, my mother wanted to divorce my father to which father declined resulting in constant fighting between my parents affecting my ability to concentrate on my studies resulting in a low-grade, and I got low grades. The effect was I had to go back-on-track program in 2010, but within the same year my father went away leaving my mother without any money, and he did not provide any money for my upkeep either. Access to finances became a major problem since my mother was not in a position to find a job because she cannot speak English. I have to work to get money to finance our upkeep spending more of the time than I could concentrate on the studies. After completing the back-on-track program, I did not have enough finances for my schooling, and I had to apply for a student loan. In the time, I developed mental pressure and irregular rest owing to my school and job responsibilities to take care of myself and my mother that resulted in stomach pains. I was forced to frequently seek medical attention from the the family doctor in 2012 that in turn referred me to a specialist for further medical attention with the stomach pains increasing and affecting my studies. After medical attention from the specialist, I was informed that the cause of the stomach pains was too much pressure and in a bad mental state. By the end of 2012, I was admitted for emergency owing to a lot of stomach pain, and I spit blood. The sickness and family pressure affected my ability to concentrate on my studies resulting in the repeats. The stomach pains did not recede even after treatment, and I was forced to take a term of in 2013 spring taking the time to go back to China for treatment. From that point forward my health situation improved and I was in a position to start my University education again. I took Math 157, Econ 103,

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Rivers and Tides Essay Example for Free

Rivers and Tides Essay I love golf. I love playing the game. Most people, especially those belonging to the younger age bracket may snigger and say golf is very slow paced. Thus, it is a game for adults, since it requires little energy compared to other sports or games like basketball or football. To those people, I ask you to reconsider. Golf, a very old game, has endured time and has proven to be very good to a person’s health. While it does not require from its players perfect cardiovascular shape, it does demand that a player possess stamina, flexibility, and coordination, among others. It requires one to stay outdoors for long periods of time and tread the contours of a golf course for as long as the golf ball does not enter the hole or the cup. For me, however, my love affair with golf is not based on health reasons alone. I am addicted to the positive feeling of being challenged to do better every time. I take note that no two golf courses are the same; and I look forward to grabbing the opportunity to conquer each new golf course that I play on. This feeling of exhilaration, excitement and determination drives me to be a better player and a healthier person, for I know that in reality, my competitors are not those friends whom I intend to defeat every time. Rather, my real competitor is myself, for every time I play my only desire is to do better and outdo myself.

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We see and understand things not as they are but as we are

We see and understand things not as they are but as we are We see and understand things not as they are but as we are. Discuss this claim in at least two ways of knowing. When the theory of knowledge teacher asked a student in the class to examine and describe a paper flower, he boldly described it as soft, weak and small. I also examined the same paper flower and came up with an understanding that the flower is small, weak and soft. This was because we both were observing the same thing. This observation leads to a hypothesis that the existence of knowledge without human minds is not possible. If in that instant of time one of us would unfold the paper flower and make a paper boat to run it on the water surface in a bucket, we both would have mentioned the differences. This assertion points out our ways of acquiring knowledge. Is it worth saying that human mind understands the world and its phenomenon according to the knowledge being saved in to it earlier. Does culture has impacts in the way humans see and understand? Do people of different religions experience the same reality? Through this essay I shall try to look at the above mentioned problems of knowing and come up with an argument that humans do see and understand things not as they (things) are but as we (humans) are. Famously quoted by N. R. Hanson Two third of what we see is behind our eyes. I myself agree with the title of the essay that I see and understand things not as they are but as I am. But why? We wouldnt have any knowledge of the outside world without our perception. For example a person from a different culture than ours would misunderstand the purpose of a finger bowl with a flower petal at a dining table and perceive it as a bowl of soup. The main issue here is that a same thing is perceived differently by different observers due to various aspects in their lives. These perceptions are often strongly influenced by our experiences and memories, religion, personality, culture and even gender. Plato defined knowledge as Justified True Belief. According to the definition, the more justification we can provide for a particular belief, the knowledge constructed from the fact will be easier to understand. Mostly the knowledge human value primarily is based on cultural backgrounds and past knowledge. For example dogs will always scare a man if he has been bitten by dog in the childhood while some people on the other hand have dogs as pets and loves them as their own children. One of the main issues of knowledge in this context would be to explore the question that states that do emotions affect the way we see and understand things? First of all, I must mention that the ways of getting knowledge from emotions are facial expressions, tone of voice or tears. For example if I drag literature into the essay and take a look at the Slumdog Millionaire. There comes a point in the story when the character Jamal witnesses his girlfriend getting rapped. Jamal finds this act of violence more hurtful to himself instead of finding it hurting to his friend. Jamal sees himself as the victim because of the pain he is getting just by hearing the voices and runs from the scene. But in reality his refusal to help his friend makes him as accused of the crime as the perpetrator. The point of interest in this example is that Jamal saw the situation through his mind and his emotions did not let him see the actual reality. So he saw the whole situation as he was, not as the reali ty was. Another example in this context could be a student who is very intelligent but is held down in the class because he is deemed to be selfish. In his point of view he is strong and independent and has great integrity that is why he never bows to altruism. But other students criticize him because of this attitude. Sacrifice of self is highly appreciated in some cultures but in others self reliance is honored the most. This also points me back to the question of the essay and concludes that culture plays a significant role in what we see and how we perceive it. Religion also plays a part in the perception of people. For example Muslims are not allowed to eat pork and they have religious justifications to prove their belief but for the rest of the world it is quite normal to eat pork and they serve it both at their national and holy events. Therefore a same event in time and space cannot be perceived by same point of view by particular group of people. These three examples led me to concl ude that perception is so strongly influenced by emotions, culture and religion that people see the reality as they are not as the reality is. Sometimes one comes across knowledge that seems authentic but that is not true. I will quote the 4th century BCconcept that the earth is flat. Lack of equipment and modern technology lead ancient scientists to claim this hypothesis. The scientists justified this hypothesis by saying that if earth was not flat; rather sphere then the things on the curved surface of the earth would slide and fall down. Moreover they also justified that the earth appears to be flat even viewed from a high altitude. Since their conclusion (justifications) made sense to the people of that era, so they considered this knowledge valuable. But with the passage of time, scientists realized that earth is spherical instead of flat. They justified this belief by showing the fact that if earth was flat then all the bodies in the sky should be visible at the same time for all parts of the surface. Also when a ship disappears in the horizon justifies that the earth is sphere. These justifications were not enough fo r old believers of flat earth. Advancement in science and technology made humans land on moon. When astronauts showed pictures of earth taken from the surface of moon, people started believing the new knowledge. Pictures served as proof for the belief. Even in the presence of these strong reasoning some old religious scientists deny the fact and are still proving their old knowledge. They believe that in such cases pictures can serve as propaganda. Knowledge based on photographs could be biased or subjective. Thus this example shows that the knowledge that people value the most is the one with their own concrete justifications based on the circumstances or the previous knowledge. But how can we know what could be close to reality? Photographs are a ladder to reach knowledge, they dont serve knowledge. They can be manipulated for various purposes as in this example; photographs taken from moon can be a source of propaganda for the country first reached at moon. There also exists knowledge that has similar outcomes yet people do not agree with it. I will take ghosts as example. Spiritual scholars have played a key role in showing existence of ghosts. They showed religious references, pictures, videos and people who can approve their existence but majority of the people do not believe this because they are not able to show their justification to the rest of the world. If I consider myself, I personally believe in ghosts because my religion has strong justifications for that. But those justifications are very weak for the non believers. So when I see a person screaming at night or walking in sleep I consider it as influence of some ghost because this is what my religion and culture taught me. On the other hand modern science has showed evidence to many sicknesses in which a sleeping person might walk and even go to graveyard to remember the dead ones. So a doctor will see this situation completely differently than anyone from old South Asian s ociety. This is also an example of different perception of the same event. The whole discussion in this essay leads me to conclude than more the justifications, more reliable the belief is. But sometimes even justifications and proofs fail to convince people. Forexample we see a toothpick is embedded in chocolate dipped strawberries. A person with good socio economic background knows the purpose of this toothpick that is lifting the strawberry without getting hands dirty. On the other hand a person with less social status might see the toothpick as a cleaning tool that is used right after one has eaten the strawberries. So this whole discussion can be concluded by saying that knowledge that is most valuable depends on person to person. The knowledge that satisfies ones belief, emotions and actions is valued to him. Thus for him that particular knowledge is most valuable. But if we think logically, then there is no doubt that strong justifications (as in science) make the argument more valuable. As said by David Hume (1711-76) Reason is always and everywhere the slave of the passions

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How The Internet Changed Our Lives

How The Internet Changed Our Lives Electronic communication system is an array of systems that can help us transmit the information over long distances, in electronic format, i.e., in the form of flow of electronic current. Electronic communication can include the types of various forms of the communication types. They can be radio communication, internet communication, mobile phone communication, landline phone communication etc. The electronic communication is now an integral part of the human life and the scope of this communication is beyond limits. Electronic communication has brought the world too near and no corner is beyond the reach of one or the other communication forms. From Letters to e-mails and web communications, the progress is noteworthy. Television and radio communication have enabled the spread of mass media to a very large extent. The revolution of the electronic communication started with the invention of the telegraph. The only limiting factor in the case was the need of copper wires for transmission, which proved costly. But the advent of radio communication proved a boon in the case for far away and distant communications. After the expansion of the radio spectrums, the possibilities in the fields of the wireless communications have given various potentials for communication systems. The essence of making each and everything accessible, communicable, and reachable within a few clicks has been made possible by something known as INTERNET. This is the keyword of the topic of the term paper, and as such, much of the emphasis would be given on this topic, over the other forms of electronic communication systems. Internet has led to an economic prosperity, and the development of intelligent search engines has enabled man to search for any information within a few clicks and in a matter of micro seconds. The World Wide Web, which is known as www, is growing exuberantly. It already has billions of pages, and is growing at the rate of millions of pages per day. Hardly is there any sort of topic which has no finding on the internet. Computers are already an integral part of our life, and as such, the internet has enabled the users to connect on a worldwide level. Communication System A communication system has various channels which are staged in such a way that communication is carried out with the most possible efficiency. A typical communication system has the following channels: Transmitter Medium Receiver Transmitter: this unit mainly functions for the conversion of a signal into the form which can be transmitted over further distances. This may include Transducers, amplifiers, modulators etc. Medium: this is the channel in which the signal propagates. This is mostly air in wireless communications. While radio waves can propagate in any medium, including vacuum. This is sometimes referred to as PROPAGATION channel, or PHYSICAL channel. The most recent development is in the form of OFCs, the optic fibre cable, which as a high efficiency, and enormous speed. Receiver: this unit receives the signal, converts it to the desired form for reception, and presents it to the receiving end. This unit includes antenna assembly, amplifiers, demodulators, receiver units etc. There are some important aspects in the electronic communication systems which can be highlighted: Modulation: the process of imposition of weak signal over a strong carrier signal is known as modulation. Modulation generally requires the use of high frequency signals, as the low frequency signals cannot be transmitted over long distances. Modulation also helps in conversion of the digital signals to analog forms for transmission over a distance. AM, FM and PM are the forms of modulation. FM is the most used forms of modulations in the general forms of communications. Analog and Digital signals: these are the properties of signals which distinguish them b/w continuous of discrete signals. Analog signals are continuous signals, which are defined at each and every instant of time, while the digital signals are discrete signals. They are defined only after a particular interval of time. Here, the blue continuous lines represent the analog signal, while the red dotted patterns show the digital or discrete values of the signals. Types of modulation: Amplitude Modulation- AM works by varying the strength of the transmitted signal in relation to the information being sent. Frequency Modulation-It is the process of conveying the information over a carrier wave by varying its instantaneous frequency . Phase modulation-Phase modulation (PM) is a form of modulation that represents information as variations in the instantaneous phase of a carrier wave. Internet in our daily Life Now, I would start to emphasise on the main topic of the term paper, Use of internet in our daily life. Around 10 years ago, hardly the 20% of the population of India would have heard about this word. Yet a lesser quantity would have used the internet even once. But now, imagining the life without internet is something which is really beyond our scope. It is the internet which has revolutionized the each and every sphere of our day to day life. How internet works? This is the diagram which tells us how the internet communication takes place. The key factor here is the ISP which helps to link between the user and the Main internet. Major ISPs in India: An ISP or the Internet Service Provider is some agency which links a user, who can be an individual or a group. An ISP may provide internet access through a dedicated line, a telephone line or the Wireless modems. A list of major ISPs in India is as below: BSNL MTNL Bharti Airtel Connect Idea InfoTech SIFY Reliance Tata Indicom BSNL and MTNL are the government sector companies; they together occupy 56% of the total market share. Airtel is the leader amongst others. Channels of internet access: Narrow-band telephone line- This is a particularly dial up type connection which provides a low bandwidth connection. The speed of the internet communication is a maximum of 56 kbps in this type of connection. This type of system uses a PSTN or PUBLIC SWITCHED TELEPHONE NETWORK. The user has to dial a number from the computer to get connected. A dial up modem in the computer encodes and decodes the packet signals, which are known as Internet Packet signals. This is a type of dial up modem which is used in the computers for dial up connections. This type of modem is generally internally fitted in the computers. All telephone lines work at a maximum signal speed of 64 kbps. 8 kbps has to be excluded out for the transfer guard band. As a result, the maximum possible speed in a dial up network can be 56kbps. But the major factor in this regard is that if there are a number of users, there would be traffic in the telephone exchange. As a result the speed would gradually decrease. It was often noticed in earlier days that during peak hours, the speed used to be around 10-15kbps while in non-peak hours; the speed could reach to around 40kbps. But it hardly reached to the top notch of 50+. The major drawback in this system that lead to its failure was not only the speed. This type of connection was billed in the terms of duration of connection. That means, whether it is transmitting or not, it will cost the user, regardless of the speed and amount of data transfer. The user was charged for net connection, as well as the telephone cost as a result, it would cause a high rise in the telephone bills of the users. Costs to the users: Till date, only BSNL and Connect have provided the dial up connection to the users. BSNL charges Rs. 6 per hour for the connection, and rupees 2 per 15 minutes of call connection. This implies that for one hour, a person is charged rupees 14. If the average speed is 40 kbps, the person can download 18 MB of data in an hour. But speed hardly reaches till 40 kbps. As a result, the fluctuation in the bandwidth would result it to be too expensive to the user. Present Scenario: At present, only BSNL is providing a dial up service. But this service has a limited number of users, mostly in the areas where the broadband has not reached, or the users who do not want to buy broadband due to very less usage. A majority of the user group has upgraded to the broadband internet. Future: The only dial up connection provider BSNL has decided to continue the dial up networking till the broadband reaches to the most remote areas. There is no scope of improvement in this channel of internet communication as it has already reached its limits. There is no chance of defying these limits. Advantages: This channel has practically no advantages over other channels of internet transmission, if we compare it to other types. This was the first form of internet communication to the public. This paved the ways for other types of internet. Wired Broadband Internet: This is the most used form of internet in the world. This type of internet is the most versatile and the most wide channel one, which can be transmitted over a wide variety of lines. They include the telephone lines, the television cable, dedicated lines etc. A broadband connection is the one which has a minimum bandwidth of 256 kbps. It is the high speed channel of internet communication. The major advantage of this network is that the number of users in this type of networks generally does not affect the speed. Also, the phone lines through which the line has been connected can be used both for phone as well as the internet connection simultaneously. It does not affect the quality in each of the channels as both of them work on completely different bandwidths. How Broadband Works A broadband connection works on the Digital Subscriber Line system. In this system, the internet signals are sent through the telephone cable on a completely higher frequency. Indian ISPs mostly use ADSL (Asymmetric DSL) system. In this type of system, the uplink and downlink bandwidths are different. The downlink is always much more than the uplink one. Bandwidths: Indian service providers give a bandwidth with starts from 256 kbps and at the most they give it to 4 Mbps. This bandwidth is very low as compared to the other developed countries where the bandwidth goes to around 7-50 Mbps. In Sri Lanka itself, the minimum broadband bandwidth is 8 Mbps. India has a lot to go in this context. Modems: Currently, Indian markets have two types of modems: Type-1 ADSL Modems: These are the LAN cable connection modems. These types of modems are used for wired connections. These modems modulate and demodulate the internet packet signals at the uplink and downlink frequency. These modems are connected to the computers through an 8-wire LAN cable. These modems have a strong security system. The reason is that these modems can be connected only through a cable. As such, the unauthorised access can be prevented. Most of the ISPs provide the modems with the service. The chief brands of Type-1 modems available in the market are: Huawei- Its a Chinese brand, the cheapest and the least reliable. It costs in the range of around Rs 1200. This is not a good brand, YET BSNL is providing these modems to maximise its profit. D-Link- This is a Taiwan made brand, comparatively better. It has some added security features like PSK. The cost is around Rs. 1400. UT STARCOM- this is one of the best brands of this type of modems available here. It is totally user customisable, has an upgradable firmware system and the host security features. It costs around Rs. 1500. Type-2 ADSL Modems- These types of modems are the WLAN enabled modems. These modems are comparatively less secure as the other counterparts, but are more easy to use as well as they comprise a wireless broadband network. They are sometimes also called as Wi-Fi routers. They have a range of around 100 metres of wireless LAN communication. They can connect a maximum of 20 computers to the maximum. The chief brands available are: D-Link- as discussed earlier, this type of modem has better security features. Costs around 2000 Rs. UT STARCOM- This is the best brand. Costs around 2400 Rs. Has a totally upgradable firmware system. Plus, this is the only modem in the category which gives a 3-level security. These levels are: Admin level: Admin can access, edit, reset, change, and control all the other terminals. User Level: They can just access the main security module, but can change, edit or reset their own module only. Support Level: it has equal privileges of an Admin, but only with his permission. WIRELESS BROADBAND: This is the newest entry in the segment of public sector broadband connection. In this type of broadband, the ISPs provide the broadband over the mobile telephone frequency channels. A SIM card is given to the user, which can be inserted in the simcard slot of the laptop of the user, or he can purchase a USB modem which is configured for the purpose. Currently Reliance, Aritel, Tata Photon and BSNL are in this market. This type of broadband is mostly costly, and the speeds vary from 256 kbps-1Mbps at the most. This is usually not value for money. Reason being a typical plan costs from Rs. 700-3000, which is too costly for a normal user. The costs of USB modems are also very high. As per 18/10/10, the prices are: BSNL- Rs.3400 for modem, and plans start from Rs.300 Reliance- 2800 for the modem and plans start from 500. Tata- 2400 for the modem, plans start from 350. Airtel- 3000 for the modem, plans start from Rs. 900. So, we can imagine that the plans are too costly for the reach of common man. This is the main reason why this segment is not so popular with the people. 3G communication in mobile pioneered by BSNL has brought a cheaper version of mobile broadband. This has achieved a bandwidth of maximum of 512 kbps and still has a scope of improvement. The best advantage is that the Plans start from just Rs. 25. THE FUTURE- OPTICAL FIBRES This channel of the internet communication is still not available in the public domain. Optical fibres work on the principal of the modulation of signal with the carrier frequencies of that of the spectrum of light. Light travels at the speed of 3108 m/s. as such, the data transfer in this case would be at a very high speed. This channel of transmission has not even been utilised to calculate its limits. The reason behing this is that we do not have such equipments that can transmit at such a high speed. Till date, data has been transferred through this channel at a maximum speed of 4 Gbps (gigabits per second). This is still a fraction of its limit. A single OFC can transmit thousands of channels without a single noise. Also, this channel has a negligible resistance. As such, data loss rates are very very low. It has been estimated that the OFCs can transmit internet at the speed of around 40 Tbps (tera bits per second). This is still an estimate. The original figure may go even higher. Currently, no public sector company in India is providing the OFC internet. Only the defence forces (Indian Army and Air Force) are using it. Limiting factors in the use of OFC: The reason that the OFC internet communication system is still in the pipleine is that the technology needed to harness this channel speed to the maximum is still not available. Light travels at a speed of 300000000 m/s. if the signals are modulated to the suitable carrier, then the signal travelling at such a fast speed would practically give a really fast communication. How internet has changed our lives? Today we are living in 21st century i.e. In science era. Science and technology has modernised our lives and has made our life full of comforts. Means of Telecommunication and means of transportation are really a god gift for us..we cant imagine our lives without internet, television, etc. Internet has brought us together. It has united the wider gulfs across the oceans. we can have our access to any other part of world by just sitting at our home. It provides us various facilities. A student can have its access to internet as well as a person working can also use this internet in its own way. It is beneficial for all. Communication: We used to write letters to stay in touch with those far away, and if our correspondent was very special, we would use our trusty film camera to take some photos before taking the resultant film to the camera shop for developing waiting anywhere from an hour to a week to get the prints. Wed then hand over the cash, go home, put everything in the envelope, stick a stamp on it and post it off. Nowadays, we grab our digital camera, take as many shots as we want, upload them directly on to our PCs, attach a copy to an e-mail and send it off into the ether. We can store, share, and order prints for our photographs from the same service. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and countless other websites have made social networking as easy as it could be. One cannot be too far away from his near and dear ones. People from all age groups spend time over these sites. Not only this, celebrities, VIP dignitaries, government officials etc. have their own portals on sites like twitter. Blogging is the trend of the new generation and with the help of your blog, you can share your likes and dislikes with the world . Reservation , banking : Now Internet can be also used for banking , reservation purposes . You can operate your bank account from your pc, view the account reports, report etc. by just sitting at your home . Even Railway and Airline reservation can be done with the help of   a click . Now there is no need to stand in queues and wait . Just open the site, click and book and your work is done.   Even shopping can be done by sitting at a desktop. Business: Internet is also used for expanding your business by the help of a website . Now you can target a large variety of consumers from around the world for your business if you have a properly maintained website. 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Monday, August 19, 2019

Research Proposal: The Effect of Extra-Curricular Activities on Academi

Introduction Do extra-curricular activities have a positive or negative effect on a student’s academic performance? If they do, then why do schools take activities away from students at the first sign of academic troubles? If they are scientifically proven to be positive, then why are they not curricular rather than extra curricular? There are numerous influences that impact the academic performance of a student other than after school activities. However, this study will focus on the effect of extra curricular activities on academic performances. In many cases, participation in extra curricular activities positively influences attendance and connection to school. This study will investigate the impact of extra curricular activities that require a daily commitment over an extended period of time, greater than a month. Athletics is the dominant after school activity that requires a daily commitment; therefore, this study will involve student athletes as well as students who are invo lved in other extra curricular activities. Another reason why student athletes will be a large part of this study is that there may be a correlation between the skills necessary to succeed in athletics and academics (American Sports Institute, 1991). While most evidence in the literature proves that extra curricular activities improve academic performances, Solanco School District has no program supporting or promoting the link between the two. This study will examine the effects of participation in extra curricular activities on student academic performance at Solanco High School. Findings from this study could be examined by Solanco High School and similar school districts to support and promote programs of extra curricular activities at... ... as Researchers. 2005 Emmons, Leonard S (1995). Athletic participation and academic achievement: Can the two coexist? National Association of Secondary School Principals. NASSP Bulletin. Vol. 79, Iss. 574; p. 107. Libbey, Heather (2004). Measuring Student Relationships to School: Attachment, Bonding, Connectedness, and Engagement. The Journal of School Health. Vol. 74, Iss. 7, p. 274, 10 pgs. NEA Today (2004). See Ya After School. Vol. 22, Iss. 6, p. 13. Neill, James. Parks & Recreation (2003). After-school programs help kids achieve. Vol. 38, Iss. 6; p. 15. Schneider, Timothy and Klotz, Jack. November 2000. The Impact of Music Education and Athletic Participation on Achievement. 36 pages. Seigle, Del. 1979

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Radicalism :: essays research papers

The world of American radicalism has changed greatly over the past century. Organizations ranging from the Ku Klux Klan, founded in 1866 to more recently organized groups like the Militia Movement, only about ten years old show the transitions in American radicalism, and the different states it has endured.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  It is believed that the first incarnate of the racist right, as a political position started during the French Revolution with the myth of a Jewish conspiracy. Over many years this spread into the 20th century gaining popularity in the 1920’s. This was an added inspiration for the Ku Klux Klan, and added to their anti-black and anti-catholic agendas.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Ku Klux Klan was started by six young men who organized a fraternal club where they would wear costumes and ride around after dark. They soon realized they were instilling fear into the community, but predominantly in the areas where the former slaves were living. Seeing this effect they quickly gained members, and within a year they began to structure rules for their organization. Inciting terror was their first goal, but it didn’t take long for them to act out further by harassment, arson and even murder of not just Blacks, but also Northern teachers, judges, politicians, or anyone they felt went against their code.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  From 1915 until 1924 the Ku Klux Klan enjoyed a huge growth in membership. At one point they claimed more then 100,000 members, and at one point 40,000 of them marched in Washington D.C. during a Democratic National Convention. The Klan was so influential that it actually attracted new allies and members from the political body, primarily in the Mid-West. As the Klan grew it became increasingly violent and uncontrollable. This went against the image they were trying to present of â€Å"Law and Order.† Shortly after, in 1929 the Ku Klux Klan dissolved into many dozens of smaller, local groups.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Though currently suffering its greatest decline since the 1940s, with its three most prominent national units of the era: the United Clans of America, the Invisible Empire Knights of the KKK and the Knights of the KKK, either defunct or factionalized, America's oldest hate group, the codes of the Ku Klux Klan continues to operate on a local level, in some instances still engaging in illegal acts of violence and intimidation.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan was formed in 1985 by Virgil Griffin and based in Mount Holly, North Carolina.

Antidepressant vs Placebo Essay -- Medical Research

Depression has grasped the lives of millions of Americans. There are those who claim these new cures, known as antidepressants, have helped many Americans escape from depression. The mind is what determines the outcome, the placebo effect is a way the mind heals itself without any medication. Placebo is a better and safer route to take for multiple reasons. First off, drugs can cause unpredictable symptoms. Secondly, there is the negative effect of self-withdrawal, the placebo effect does not always even have to be from a sugar pill, and lastly placebo works almost as well, if not just as well as actual antidepressants. Millions of Americans escape the deadly grip of depression by the help of popular drugs, such as Prozac, Zoloft, and other antidepressants (Turner et al). Only a select few know about my struggle with depression; [When I first received my medication, I took two prescribed pills of Prozac every morning. Not too long after taking it, I became more focused and driven at whatever tasks I was at hand. Anyone can safely start, a daily dose of antidepressants because they trigger the serotonin, one of the many brains signaling materials (Time Healthland). One of the negative points of antidepressants is that it can cause undesirable side effects. Doctors have prescribed antidepressants to patients who simply want to take an edge off of things, but the drugs can also cause distressing side effects. There are many levels of disability and symptoms of depression. Knowing these levels are a large part in knowing the effectiveness of the various antidepressants (Noonan et al, Newsweek). Antidepressants have side effects that include bleeding problems, and kidney or liver failure. The subject (people who use antidepressa...>. Moerman, Daniel E., and Wayne B. Jonas. Annals of Internal Medicine. N.p., 19 Mar. 2002. Web. 29 Feb. 2012. . Connor, Steve. "Antidepressants Increase Suicidal Thoughts in Under-25s." The Independent. Independent Digital News and Media, 12 Aug. 2009. Web. 26 Mar. 2012. . Alden, Wesley. "Dr. Oz: Sex and Exercise Reduce Stress The Fitness Center Orlando Sentinel." Dr. Oz: Sex and Exercise Reduce Stress The Fitness Center Orlando Sentinel. Orlando Sentinal, 16 Aug. 2011. Web. 25 Mar. 2012. .

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Balance Scorecard Essay

A Balanced Scorecard is a framework that focuses on shareholder, customer, internal and learning requirements of a business in order to create a system of linked objectives, measures, targets and initiatives which collectively describe the strategy of an organization and how that strategy can be achieved. † The Balanced scorecard retains the traditional financial measures and complements them with measures that are drivers of future performance. The objectives and measures of the scorecard are derived from an organizations vision and strategy and these view organizational performance. The balanced scorecard is a management system (not only a measurement system) that enables organizations to clarify their vision and strategy and translate them into action. It provides feedback around both the internal business processes and external outcomes in order to continuously improve strategic performance and results. When fully deployed, the balanced scorecard transforms strategic planning from an academic exercise into the nerve center of an enterprise. The balanced scorecard is a tool developed by Kaplan and Norton to articulate, execute and monitor strategy using a mix of financial and non-financial measures. It is designed to translate vision and strategy into objectives and measures across four balanced perspectives: financial, customers, internal business processes and learning and growth. It focuses on all the activities that generate financial results rather than the financial side alone. The scorecard depicts strategy as a series of cause-and-effect relationships between critical variables and gives a framework for ensuring that strategy is translated into a coherent set of performance measures. The use of a hierarchy of scorecards cascading through the organisation ensures that strategy and performance measurement is closely aligned. The Balanced Scorecard can act as both a control system and a management tool. In other words, it can be used for monitoring performance as well as for strategic planning. Its versatility may be one of the reasons why so many companies have chosen to adopt it.

Friday, August 16, 2019

How far were the forces opposed to civil rights responsible for the failures of the civil rights movement in the 1960s?

Historians argue how far the forces opposed to the civil rights were responsible for the failures of the civil rights movement in the 1960s. The CRM was a social movement attacking racial and social discrimination against Black Americans in the southern and northern states. By 1960 the southern states was desegregated. The problems faced in the south were different to those of the north. The southern states suffered from legal inequality â€Å"separate but equal† whereas the North suffered from social inequality, unemployment and sanitation/ ghettoisation making it hard to find a blame for the situation, as the discrimination was not obvious.This caused an outburst of radical civil rights groups to emerge such as Black power and the Black panthers. Some argue that it was the forces that opposed the movement such as the local police/ white backlash that caused the failures as it was noticeable like the police being unfair. Others argue that it was the civil rights groups themse lves that led to the failures of the movement in the 1960s. Some argue that it was the government that led the movement to fail.By 1960 the movement had achieved so much in the south; desegregation in all public places and the Voting Rights Act had been passed, 1962. The movement could not go further as so much had been achieved with the help of the government. For the movement to request for more would have been pushing the boundaries. The problems in the north were intangleable and deeply rooted; only the government could have solved it by pumping money into the economy. The government resisted regardless that â€Å"1 in 10 Americans had an income under $5000 a year for blacks this was 1 in 3† .This led to the failures of the movement as the government didn’t fund the movement allowing it to not progress. On the other hand, it could be said the failures of the movement was down to the state government not the federal government due to the white resistance that they a llowed. â€Å"Four well dressed students sat in â€Å"white only† area in Woolworths refusing to leave unit served, 2nd day 23 students, 4th day 400 students†.Although they were not acting in a violent manor and were protesting peacefully the â€Å"police frequently arrested the protesters  for breaking the law but ignored the white people who attacked them†. This supports the idea of the local police allowing the movement to fail because they treated the campaigners unfairly, arresting them while protesting peacefully. The Vietnam War is another factor that led to the failures of the CRM. Johnson planned a ‘great society scheme’ to speed up desegregation schools education act 1965. â€Å"However the escalation of the Vietnam War made this impossible†. USA became increasingly involved in Vietnam taking Johnson’s concentration of the CRM.This led to the failure of the campaign because the movement was only successful when king was wor king with Johnson. However Johnson now had more important issues to deal with; king made matters worse when he spoke out against the war. At the start he was reluctant to do so, but felt compelled as it went against what he believed in. In 1967 King found it ironic that â€Å"when it came to the recruitment paper and firing line black soldiers were suddenly equal â€Å". This contributed to the failures of the movement as it lost the support of the federal government.In addition the war took time and money that was meant to help improve the northern states; â€Å"0. 5 million was spent on killing a Vietnamese solider but only $35 was to help each poor person† . This meant that there was no money for the FG to fund the CRM as it was being spent on the war; resulting in the CRG to protest against the war as they didn’t see the need of supporting it when the government wasn’t supporting them. This led Johnson to oppose the movement because they were protesting ag ainst decisions that he had made. In 1961 the freedom ride took place.It involved, CRA taking the bus from New Orleans from Washington DC to test the integrated state law they were â€Å"attacked by white mobs who included members of the KKK, the young riders were stoned and beaten with clubs, bicycle chains and baseball bats† . This highlights the evidence of opposed forces causing CRM to fail as the white public brutality attacked them. In 1963 the Birmingham campaign took place bull Connor police chief â€Å"set dogs and fire hoses on the demonstrators, 1300 children were arrested in two days. The lack of strong leadership was also led to the failures of the movement.MLK was not successful with his campaigns in the north as he was with the south. He was from the south and educated therefore the people of the north could not see him as a leader to represent their voice and opinions as he hadn’t experienced what they had. â€Å"people would say white rioting ‘ MLK would be ashamed of you’ and they would reply MLK who? † this led to the failure of the movement as MLK was not looked up to as a leader his existence in the north was not important allowing the movement to fail as there was no clear leadership due to lack of support.MLK had lack of authority such as Los angles because of his tactics. MLK believed in ‘non-violence’ due to his Christian background whereas the majority of the north wanted to use violence. This led the movement to fail as there was disagreement with the way things should be done. Kings expectations of solving the problems in the north were ambitious this was highlighted in the outcome of Chicago freedom movement rally in 1966; â€Å"only 30 000 people attended rather than the 10,000 king had expected† .This showed the broken unity of the CRM movement as for it to have been a success the cites needed to get together like they did in the south. Malcolm X, another leader that strongly influences the movement was completely against kings ideologies. He was from the north, uneducated and had been to prison unlike king and therefore represented most of the black men in the north. He was against integration and argued that it would create a new form of slavery. â€Å"He described that the march of Washington was nothing but a circus with clowns and all organised by a bunch of uncle toms.†This led the movement to fail as there was no unity and support between the leaders. X believed that MLK strategies of ‘non-violence’ re-emphasised the stereotype of the weak and the defeat less black person. This led to the movement failing as there was a clash of belief and ideas in the way the CRM should go about solving the problems in the north. Others argue that it was the emergence of the radical groups such as Black power and the Black panthers that hindered the movement through their actions. The black power was a radical group and became known in 1966 th ey believed in self defence.For some black power meant no integration and for others it mean and advancement in society for black people. The black panthers was founded 1966, it was an all black group and its aim was a revolutionary transformation of America. They used X as their role model. They wanted to improve the conditions of the northern ghetto and black liberation. They came up with a camping called ‘patrol the pigs’ â€Å"to keep the police under surveillance and protect the African Americans from the abuse of the police power†. While officers would be arresting There were other factors that generally led to the CRM to fail.The groups were becoming radical and the violent -ness scared the American public. This caused the movement to fail as they didn’t want to support their violent movement and for the movement to have been a success the groups needed the support of the white Americans to a large extent. The explosion of â€Å"violence out in 196 5-1968 of long hot summers of rioting† due to a black man being arrested for drunk driving and then brutality attacked by the police resulted in this rampaged through the streets.By 1965 there was $40 worth damage by 1967 the total damage was $714.8million this led the movement failing greatly as it made the government oppose them largely as they can caused harm and damaged to the environment that the government now had to pay for. virtuous Overall the forces opposed to the civil rights movement were only responsible for the failures for the movement to a small extent in the 1960s. Some historians argue that if there wasn’t a white resistant there would have been no movement therefore the reluctance of the police and the federal government was needed to a certain extent to be able to highlight the problems suffered by the north.The failure of the civil rights movement was caused by the Civil rights movement groups themselves. They lacked strong leadership as MLK was not eh right leader to lead the northern states to freedom and Malcolm X was assonated. Furthermore they had a lot of disagreements within themselves and lost American support from due to their violent reactions, summer riots and the removal of the whites from the groups causing them to lose funding that they needed. Therefore the failure of the movement was caused by the violent radical movement that the groups had created themselves.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Reflection of a public health nurse

Development of   handwashing program in schools has been a challenge to the medical team   especially among   public health nurses. Many questions could   be raised before this program   be   implemented. As public health nurse, what can I contribute in the handwashing   program in school? Is my knowledge sufficient enough to initiate a program that could be of great help to everybody especially to children? What are the informations and   materials   do I need to gather to help me with this handwashing program?As public health nurse, I am one of the witnesses of the proper and improper ways of   Ã‚  hand sanitation among children. It is very important that this practice is initiated in schools among students. The importance of handwashing should be instilled in the minds of the students. They should be informed of what may be the possible diseases   or illnesses that can be acquired without handwashing. They should   practice on how and when to wash their han ds.Handwashing   Ã‚  remains the most cost effective way of disease spread prevention   such as colds, flu,   infectious diarrhea and even hepatitis A (Quan, 2006).   Since elementary school children are the most susceptible of acquiring the infection through   unwashed hands, Morton (2004) conducted a study   that determines the effectivity of   an alcohol gel as an adjunct to handwashing. This study resulted in reducing absenteeism secondary to infectious   illness.Campaign on hand hygiene through handwashing can be more effective  Ã‚   if there are materials that could remind every school child about   it. As public health nurse, we can conduct a program that needs parents and children’s participation. The program will showcase the importance and proper ways of handwashing.   Parents and school teachers will be given guidelines on how school children would be reminded of practicing handwashing.Based on the transtheoretical model, there are three prima ry components of changes to undergo to attain the goal of the program (Prochaska, DiClemente, & Norcross, 1992).   According to the model, the people must pass through the stages of changes. At first, it is important to recognize the problem. In handwashing program in school, it is very important to impart to the   children even to the teachers and parents   that   their behavior towards the program is very crucial in the attainment of its objectives.They must bear in mind that this program will help them in prevention of acquiring disease.   After this stage, they should be ready for some changes in their individual habits especially when it comes to handwashing. Since children may not be ready for any changes in handwashing habit, it is very helpful for them if they could see or read some informations regarding the program.Placing some notes or posters of reminders on the board   Ã‚  or walls   in school would be advisable. Make   them reader- friendly. Making it c olorful, with graphics and pictures would surely attract their attention. They should be reminded to wash their hands when they are dirty, before and after eating and   Ã‚  after using the bathroom. Children should be encouraged to use tissue paper when blowing and wiping their nose. Even after playing with domestic animals such as cats and dogs. It is also   important   to wash their hands before and after playing with their friends (Quan, 2006).In this part, changes are made in individuals’ behaviour   Ã‚  and   practices toward   handwashing. Action of the teachers and parents   Ã‚  would   Ã‚  play a big role. It   Ã‚  is advisable to make the environment suitable for the children just like making the sink at their level of reach. Most of the children are not fond of washing their hands after the activity because the sink is too high for them. Soap and towel should also be present.   Finally, it should be borne in mind the integration of the  Ã‚   ch anges made.As public health nurses,   we should be ready to attend to the needs of   the people especially when it concerns with the implementation of health policy. It would be easier if the people   are concerned enough to the welfare of   one another. Program like this, handwashing in school is just the beginning of   a more   serious way towards healthy life. The most important thing is that  Ã‚   there are individuals who are willing to lend their hands to help for the betterment of   everybody. I think this is just one of the most important roles the public health nurses play.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Compulsion of Parents to Join Professional Courses Curb the Talents of their Children

‘’ You cannot live your life to please others. The choice must be yours. ’’ – Alice in Wonderland. It is a common thinking that parents should encourage and design a lifestyle for their kids as to take them on the straight path and to make a picture- perfect future so that they become successful. But they are too busy to glance up, look and understand, what goes on in the minds of youngsters. Making high school, years to study, and be with your books most hours of the day, limiting their sources, and keeping them treasured will not make them successful, because to become successful you don’t need to learn or memorize.Moreover, these external indicators can pressure children, sending the message that academic success is important, not for personal reasons, but to please others. An individual is good at something only if they do it with passion. A person does his work wholly and completely only when one has an interest in it. Designing their fut ures might make them successful but unhappy at the same time. It is a dream of every parent to see their children become doctors and engineers one day. It curbs their talent and narrows their chance of fulfilling their dreams to zero.Talent is not learnt or taught, it comes naturally by birth. We should do something we are good, which comes from within us, rather doing something we are forced to. If you want to achieve anything with all your heart, no one can stop you from achieving it. To curb the talent of your kids might make them succeed in achieving the dream you see, but it will crush their dreams which they have been building forever. It is a common perception that parents design a Parents who are driven by the desire for publicity curb the natural talent of the child.He/she may develop a stage fear for rest of his life if he is put into a place where he feels out of place. (Meritnation). If one's taught in the best possible way, he could precisely target what he wanted with the aid of knowing his true potentials and later on, achieve his wish-list effectively bloom into the person he's meant to be. (TED Conversations) Emphasis on external standards may have its advantages, such as encouraging students to demonstrate high performance in school because it can lead to good grades and test scores, future college admission, and eventually employment in a prominent career.However, these external indicators can pressure children, sending the message that academic success is important, not for personal reasons, but to please others. An individual can successfully exceed in his academics when there is enjoyment of attaining personal goals, working toward one's potential, being curious and inquisitive, and trying one's best. By emphasizing both types of standards, parents convey to their children that outstanding performance is important to success, but personal satisfaction and trying one's best are also important, a balance that should help to alleviate feelin gs of pressure.Because of high parental standards and criticism, these children are likely to experience feelings of pressure. Parents should focus on understanding of material and personal improvement in performance. Such a balance, especially when accompanied with support and guidance, is unlikely to foster feelings of pressure. (John Hopkins, Centre of talented Youth). â€Å"The job of a parent is not to make your child's way smooth, but rather to help her develop inner resources so she can cope. † ? Ellyn Satter ï » ¿Compulsion of Parents to Join Professional Courses Curb the Talents of their Children ‘’ You cannot live your life to please others. The choice must be yours.’’ – Alice in Wonderland.It is a common thinking that parents should encourage and design a lifestyle for their kids as to take them on the straight path and to make a picture- perfect future so that they become successful. But they are too busy to glance up, look and understand, what goes on in the minds of youngsters. Making high school, years to study, and be with your books most hours of the day, limiting their sources, and keeping them treasured will not make them successful, because to become successful you don’t need to learn or memorize. Moreover, these external indicators can pressure children, sending the message that academic success is important, not for personal reasons, but to please others. An individual is good at something only if they do it with passion.A person does his work wholly and completely only when one has an interest in it. Designing their futur es might make them successful but unhappy at the same time. It is a dream of every parent to see their children become doctors and engineers one day. It curbs their talent and narrows their chance of fulfilling their dreams to zero. Talent is not learnt or taught, it comes naturally by birth. We should do something we are good, which comes from within us, rather doing something we are forced to. If you want to achieve anything with all your heart, no one can stop you from achieving it. To curb the talent of your kids might make them succeed in achieving the dream you see, but it will crush their dreams which they have been building forever.It is a common perception that parents design aParents who are driven by the desire for publicity curb the natural talent of the child. He/she may develop a stage fear for rest of his life if he is put into a place where he feels out of place. (Meritnation). If one's taught in the best possible way, he could precisely target what he wanted with th e aid of knowing his true potentials and later on, achieve his wish-list  effectively bloom into the person he's meant to be. (TED Conversations) Emphasis on external standards may have its advantages, such as encouraging students to demonstrate high performance in school because it can lead to good grades and test scores, future college admission, and eventually employment in a prominent career.However, these external indicators can pressure children, sending the message that academic success is important, not for personal reasons, but to please others. An individual can successfully exceed in his academics when there is enjoyment of attaining personal goals, working toward one's potential, being curious and inquisitive, and trying one's best. By emphasizing both types of standards, parents convey to their children that outstanding performance is important to success, but personal satisfaction and trying one's best are also important, a balance that should help to alleviate feeli ngs of pressure.Because of high parental standards and criticism, these children are likely to experience feelings of pressure. Parents should focus on understanding of material and personal improvement in performance. Such a balance, especially when accompanied with support and guidance, is unlikely to foster feelings of pressure. (John Hopkins, Centre of talented Youth).â€Å"The job of a parent is not to make your child's way smooth, but rather to help her develop inner resources so she can cope.† ― Ellyn Satter